Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Can you sum up your company in one word? Probably not. And, you might add, there's no reason to do so.

But there is a bit of a marketing moment going on now that can be summed up in one acronym -- KITOWS.

Keep It To One Word, Stupid.

While this movement is inspired by the young internet generation (think iTunes, iPods,IMs, Borat, Britney, etc.), it is best articulated in a masterful article by the advertising master himself, Maurice Saatchi,whose first name is superfluous in the ad world.

Saatchi's piece, found here, is all about what he calls "one word equity."

Check this out and be more aware, as you monitor the marketing/PR world, how brevity has become the soul of marketing. "Just Do It!," evolved into "Do It!" and then fell victim to a lonely swoosh.

What are you selling? And, assuming that only one word could be connected with your company, what's your word?

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