Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Big Red Gets The Video Download Thing

Companies toying with the notion of creating video podcasts (vodcasts) should be checking the quality and positioning of videos created by other organizations. An example of a very clean and appealing collection of vodcasts is one that popped up on our radar screen recently.

Cornell University gets it. Its page of video offerings is easily taken in and within a second the user is deciding what video to download or watch on the tube. The variety is interesting -- a poet reading her works, talks on exciting Alzheimer's discoveries, an explanation of rising tuition costs, a violin solo and an "All About Birds" video gallery are but a few of those listed.

Yes, it is an educational institution with some enlightening topics to explore. But if you can't think of an interesting way to present your products or services, well, then give us a yell.


Justin said...

Let's Go RED!!!

Anonymous said...

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