Friday, January 05, 2007

A Wake-Up Web 2.0 Call for Your Business

That's a blowfish next door, which is a clue as to the nature of this post. Great puffers are blowfish, turning into amazing balloons to thwart predators who need a flat surface to bite.

Herewith, the PRWebfire authors puff themselves into a commercial. The subject is a seminar next week at Philadelphia University, entitled: "Using the New Web 2.0 for Corporate Communications."

In a nutshell, the experts at this seminar will tell business communicators to get off their duffs and use blogs, social media such as YouTube and newer web tools such as wikis and RSS feeds to reach the public. Among the experts will be Christopher Barger, IBM's blogger-in-chief, whose message (a company web site is not enough) is outlined here.

The Lourdes Health System in South Jersey will explain its journey into blogging. A Philadelphia attorney who has studied the field will discuss the legal ramifications of corporate blogs and Web 2.0 activity. Other experts will explain how to start a blog, how to do research on competitors using new web tools, how to drive traffic to a blog and how to reach bloggers with press releases.

We would not tout this production if we didn't believe it was worthwhile. And since we are producing it, we would have pulled the plug if it had shaped up rotten. Honest.

See details on the January 10 seminar here.

To sign up, call 215-951-2900.

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