Monday, November 06, 2006

In Praise of Boring Lotus Leaves

On the video blog front, just wanted to show you a sample video from the GE Global Research Blog called Edison’s Desk. Look at it here for the few moments it takes and ask yourself this:

Why put a boring video on a blog? And why would GE do this?

The answer is simple. The employees working on this Lotus Leaf project do not consider it boring, nor do the handful of persons who commented.

Rather than demand that content be universal, Web 2.0 asks only that it satisfy someone out there. The research blog has a nice little “show and tell” feel to it, unexpected from a large corporation. And, it has a blatant cheerleaderish tone that viewers do not seem to mind.

Is your company doing enough “boring” things to attract this kind of audience?

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Anonymous said...

the video will not launch for some reason.