Monday, October 16, 2006

Three Quick Blogging Lessons from Wal-Mart Mess

There are three major lessons to be learned from the Wal-Marting Across America “fake” blog scandal that is summed up nicely in this Business Week article.

Lesson One: Put Business Week’s online news URL on your favorites list or, better yet, subscribe to its RSS feed. The publication rarely misses a business web trick.

Lesson Two: Honesty still matters. Maybe a fake blog doesn’t rank up there with backdated stock options, but it stinks nonetheless. The Fourth Estate is a lot bigger now, with millions of bloggers assuming the role of watchdog. Lie on the web – and lying includes sins of omission -- and you’ll probably get caught.

Lesson Three: Wal-marting Across America was a nice idea that could have worked well if the traveling bloggers – Laura and Jim – had disclosed that the trip was being sponsored by the Wal-Mart PR firm. (See Laura’s mea culpa here.) The fact is, a creative blog that says positive things about a company can be accepted if it is transparent and entertaining/informative.


Anonymous said...

good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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