Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seattle Law Firm Hits Blogging Paydirt

A few decades ago, lawyers were prohibited from advertising and using the media to solicit business. Ironically, lawyers now are among the pioneers in using emerging Internet tools such as blogging to attract new clients. One of the most creative law firms in this regard is the Marler Clark firm in Seattle, which specializes in food-borne illness cases.

Thanks to today’s Wall Street Journal, executives unsure about the usefulness of corporate blogs can read about the huge blogging ROI reaped by Marler Clark, which now has 33 blogs and web sites covering 14 food-related illnesses.

The firm acted quickly as word spread in the news media recently of tainted spinach causing illness in California. Marler Clark already had an e coli blog and quickly used it to address the spinach issue. In the blogging world, speed and fine targeting can spell success. It certainly worked in this instance. Marler Clark began reeling in queries.

The small (six attorney) law firm with a large history of big cases got amazing results – 76 clients, says the Journal.Web pages are nothing new to law firms, but a technorati search turns up the new lawyer blogs popping up. One blog called Fight the Ticket is similar to sedate lawyer web pages but updated more frequently. This “Liklihood of Confusion” blog from a Big Apple lawyer has the more personal touch characteristic of most blogs.

The Marler Clark e coli page has a clean and easy to access design, with only a few paragraphs of each post presented on the home blog page. If their legal peers are paying attention, Marler Clark will be a blogging role model for law firms around the nation.

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